Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Plans for Argentina!

So, I am finally ready to commence a trip/trek/journey/adventure to Argentina. Also known as the land of tango, delicious beef, horseback riding, leather, gaucho cowboys, giant glaciers, capybaras, all-night-life, and fun culture, it's just the place for a start out of the U.S. of A. on my own.

I just bought my ticket yesterday, a round-trip leaving from L.A. to Miami, and from Miami to Buenos Aires, on Oct. 27th. I'll be gone a whopping six weeks, or 42 days to be exact! First thing I'm going to do when I get through the aeropuerto and down into Buenos Aires (known hereon as B.A.), is eat. Lots and lots of beef. Probably not good for me, but what is really good for us these days?

Any way, I really don't know what to expect on my journey through the incredibly large country (the 8th largest in the world, only 3/10ths the size of the U.S., seen here.) Nonetheless, it's a LOT of space to cover. I figure I'm probably going to remain in the northern half, but I may make a trip down to Patagonia if the funds allow.

Why Argentina?
Glad you asked. This picture, or something like it, is probably what did it for me:

Torres del Paine, in Patagonia, Argentina. Stock photo.

That is indeed Patagonia, in the southern half of Argentina and Chile. With that in mind, I decided: well, instead of looking at pictures, why not just go? And that's why I'm going- on a whim.

So after extensive research into overall costs, it'd be more effective to stay near and around B.A. for this first world trip. I may even (and probably will) stop into Uruguay for a visit or two, and hopefully Bolivia to go to Salar de Uyuni.

Until then, this is Drew Peters.

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