Tuesday, October 20, 2009

7 Days To Go... or actually just 166 hours

Argentina is literally just over the horizon, and my trip is only days away. With plans and purchases finalizing, I figure everything will just happen all at once, from packing to making copies of everything and arbitrating my travel items. 

I've been arranging what clothes I'm bringing based on so many factors: the weather, type of fabric, style, and practicality. The weather for the next month will be spring weather (since it is the spring season), so there will be rain and sun and clouds and cold nights and windy days and stifling humidity throughout the course of a week, and even in the span of 24 hours, I'd bet.  Porteños (what Argentines living in Buenos Aires call themselves) seem to be very fashionable, so I'm planning to dress as if I were in La Jolla, CA every day I'm in B.A., and with their money being what it is now, I may get to enjoy myself as part of the well-to-do too. I won't, however, be lavish or opulent with my spending, because then I become a target.

As for protection from the other elements, I'm bringing some strong insect repellant for my skin and permethrin for my clothing. Normally I would not ever care to wear such things out in the wilderness, however those little subtropical Amazon-based mosquitos pack a huge mortal punch. Yellow fever, malaria, and dengue fever are pretty terrible and, in many cases, fatal diseases. I've received my yellow fever and started my malaria vaccines, but prevention of bites is the only way to protect myself from dengue fever. And, the sun is a little more intense due to malaria medication and just being in AR itself, so I'll have to wear a layer of sunblock in addition to the repellant, which is totally against my normal "skin regimen", so to speak. Also my leather bush hat, polarized sunglasses, condoms, and rain poncho should keep me further protected in every way.

The modern age really necessitates a lot of "stuff", which is just more of a hassle since I somewhat buy into it. What am I bringing for entertainment?
  • The Zombie Survival Guide - because it's better to know than to not know, wouldn't you agree?
  • Argentina - A Lonely Planet travel guide, offers insight into hostels, realistic prices, things to do, etc. I recommend at least thumbing through the book. Seems a bit disorganized-feeling (although it's not)
  • The Rough Guide to Argentina - offers a little more knowledge than the Lonely Planet, and is in color (which does make it much more organized-feeling). The two books complement each other.
  • mp3 player  - 8 GB, Sony Walkman which is already far superior to the iPod. Mac makes terrible products outside their computers, which are already overpriced. 
  • digital camera - will make good use of this for myself and (of course) this blog.
So that's where I am currently- if I don't update before I leave, the next writing will probably be out of an Internet cafè down in Buenos Aires. I might throw a pack list up online, so y'all can see what I bring. Cheers.

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  1. hey Drew you Argentine pirate its your dad. II read your blog; only five liters of beer a day? You must be kidding. Tenliters, now thats consumption! Anyway, glad you made it, and hope you're having some new adventure or the other today, Saturday, Happy Halloween! Don't miss the Day of the Dead parades and get yourself to the nearest cemetery to communicate with the dead, so you can be a real Argentinian by extension; who knows what weird stirrings occur among the corpses with all that magic in the air. Anyway, how about some more information on those Argentine tattooed skating beauties you saw on your first day; have you hooked up, or are you playing hard to get?
    Anyway, another busy week for me; saw Alice In Chains last night on Letterman, performed Inside Your Brain {I am not sure I got that right} I love William Duvall's singing; he really does seem to do Layne Staley justice, but I can't square the image of the skinny white kid who he was with this tall black guy belting out his songs.... and on Conan O)'Brien,Weezer rerforming their new song while wearing blue Snuggies [you know, those blanket fucking things the old folks huddle in while watching tv] with their band's name in white letters across the front. How ironic and somehow appropro. Well I'll be signing off for now. Biked down to Mom's today so gonna go fumigate your radioactive{don't ask how} room....so when the internet addiction calls, feel free to send me something back....Peace and and happiness Dad!!!!!!!!