Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am currently writing this from my new hostel location. It is right next to beautiful Plaza Congreso, a little bit south of Microcentro (downtown area). It´s also smack dab in the middle of many good places to see and go in the day/night. I might just go back to Bar Sanata, where I watched the tango music the other night. They have live stuff going on every night, so hopefully whatever it is is good.
This hostel is Hostel Km 0, which is already far better than Hostel Kilca in Monserrat (more of a note for myself). Kilca is not only more expensive, but is dingy, dark, uninviting, and has a chilly dorm room. Oh well.
I just lost my entire post, so I have to retype it all now. Since I don´t feel like typing much longer, I will shorten things.
It´s true that, like in chaos theory, the little things are what make a big impact. In terms of culture and means of doing things in Argentina, there certainly are a lot of little things that I´ve noticed.
1. Mini mullets and mini rat tails are in, greased or not (for guys). A lot of the women´s hairstyles are either nice, or European.
2. Facial hair is NOT in. I am the only one in Argentina with facial hair this long that is not 70, and there are only a few 70 year olds with beards that I have seen. If people do have ANY facial hair here AT ALL, it looks more akin to scraggly pubic hair, or is kept close to the face. Therefore, I stand out, and not necessarily in a good way.
3. Traffic lights are as follows: green>yellow>RED>yellow>green, so that if there aren´t cars coming, the people waiting can just go. Very efficient.
4. The men here wear more pastel colors than bold colors, which also means that black stands out a bit more. The women, no complaints on their style, since they seem to be super-self conscious about their appearance. That also means few fat women (sorry, Andre).
5. The cajon box is the preferred drum for tango.
6. There are some super-cool Argentines, and ones that hate tourists. But c´mon guys, I hate the foreigners too, since their Euro currency is so much stronger than mine.
7. Most of the flirtations I have are with Spanish girls, and the ARgentine cuties are harder to get, arrogant, and need more of a punch to the face than anything else (kidding, but it IS frustrating).
8. Subways far outweigh any other means of transport.
9. It´s safe for me to pull out my camera, so long as I am aware of surroundings.
10. Empanadas are my staple budget food, at AR$3.25 for one, it´s worth buying 4 for about US$3. And they´re super fresh, super delicious, and kind of healthy. Beat that, Top Ramen.

My plans for this weekend are to head to a far away town in Greater Buenos Aires, called San Antonio del Areco, which has a gaucho celebration going on. It includes horses, beef, gaucho wear, dancing, folklore, and a smattering of things to buy probably. ¡Arriba!
If I can catch a bus out of San Antonio del Areco to Cordoba, I´ll take it. Until then, this is Drew Peters.


  1. hahah...whatever, I have ren faires here.

  2. woohoohoo!!!! boy you crack me up! :) miss you!!!-erin