Monday, February 8, 2010

Post 24, Two Months after returning home.

So today is now the two-month mark of returning home from Argentina and Chile. And after these miserable two months of job-hunting, my hunt is over. I just landed the job at TakeLessons, an online music company that sets up music teachers with students and students with music teachers. Quite simple, really. And it's something I truly believe in, in the Grander Scheme of Things. I am indirectly promoting music education to countless thousands of people, enriching their lives - that's pretty cool to me.

I perused the pictures from my blog, nostalgia-ing myself. Can't wait to be back. The music craze has just recently settled down, but I still love hearing it on random shuffle. I have increased 7 pounds in body weight since the comeback, but believe 3 pounds of it is actually muscle mass increase from some great outdoors exercising.

Just last weekend, on Saturday, Jan. 30th, I completed the shoot of Dyin' For You, a 50's romantic zombie musical short comedy film. I had the idea for this about 2 years ago, when I was in my 50's mode of wardrobe and oldies music rediscovery (I had grown up on The Beatles, Jay and the Americans, Pink Floyd and Johnny Cash). I finally got around to writing down the story and converting it into a script with my friend Azrael.

Anyway, I secured 17 people for the shoot, planning the shoot as the script was reread and revised. Everything went quite well, seeing as I was working with people I knew and are friends with (for the most part). Chapman University allowed us to use one of their nice but obsolete Panasonic DV cameras, and we acquired sound equipment as well. Around 12:30pm, just as we were taking a break from filming, a private security guard pulled alongside and asked to close the production down. You see, we were shooting down in a river dike that just so happens to run parallel with train tracks, which are deemed private property. The trains are forced to slow down when there are people within 40 feet of the tracks, since I guess there is always the risk of train suicide, which is pretty manly. This eventually prodded one engineer to report us, but luckily my Dad was on set and delayed the shut down until we wrapped shooting. We only had 2 hours to shoot 50% of the scenes, which was quite lucky in that we did in fact shoot all of the shots, and rather well, I might add. We'll see how it comes out in final edit, but for now it's still in need of some serious audio work.

You can check out more photos of the Dyin' For You shoot here .

Just yesterday I got home from L.A., where I stayed awake all the way since Saturday morning. I helped Reece out doing boom operator work on his colleague's student film, which was being shot in a back lot of CBS Studios just off the 101. Food and excitement kept me up and at 'em during the Red shoot, but then caffeine and ice water were the only things keeping me awake for the drive home.

That's where I am 2 months after getting back.