Monday, March 8, 2010

A read on San Antonio de Areco and the festival I'd attended

Here is another blog that relates to my adventure in San Antonio de Areco:

It has me in it! I paraded around the festival with a British bloke named James, who wrote this blog. He's still down in South America somewhere, so I figure I'd post this to read. He did a better job writing about that weekend than I.

I have decided to head back down this year to Argentina. Where, is a different story. I think I will revisit a lot of people throughout some of the towns, and check out some new places as well. I'd like to be housed this time, not hosteled!

Today is my super nostalgia for Argentina day again, revisiting the music which has its strong emotional ties for me, as well as some of the few reclaimed pictures I scrounged from my camera's locations on computers in Argentina. This is one of my favorites - a broken-down car parked on a side street in Palermo.

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