Thursday, April 8, 2010

The piratical 7 weekend journey

So it is the beginning of April- Spring is here, and henceforth the beginning of some serious adventuring. The Dread Crew of Oddwood is back in full force for seven weekends of hilarious antics and terrible jokes, all happening at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA.

We rocked out hard here last year, but only for 5 weekends, as that was our debut. This year, however, we've been placed on the faire's best performance stages, for five shows per day! More or less, we're awesome. But that's obvious.

Now comes the time where every weekend will be a smorgasbord of picnic-esque foods- rounds of bread, wedges of cheese, nuts and fruits and water and rum and wine. I usually supplement myself with olive oil and vinegar, and this year I'll be packing some dulce de leche, a delicious milk caramel spread brought to you by the Argentines. Chipotle Tabasco, Cholula, and avocados are also staple Oddwood eats.

Thousands of people flock to Pleasure Faire every weekend, and now thousands more will be due to our band. Last year, we just had our first album to sell, Reign the Helm . This year, we'll have that AND t-shirts for guys and gals, as well as cool stickers. If we really push ourselves, our new album Rocktopus (currently in the final recording phases, as of 7 April 2010) may just be ready for handout come the final weekend.

Scores of women will be down at our heels, clawing at us (unless they've been de-clawed), and droves of super-nerds will bask in the cultural references we use.

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