Saturday, July 31, 2010

My first national tour! And life update.

     So it's been a little while since I last posted. That's fine, because you are still out there, whoever it is reading this right now. It could be anyone. Anywhere in the world. At any given moment today, tomorrow, or yesterday (depending on where in the world you are relative to the next reader). Most likely, at this point in time, those reading this will be people who know about me already. But hopefully you know people who would get a kick out of my writings and mind-to-electropaper analyses. If so, could you please send them here? >><<

But I digress. Let's address the true topic at hand. How I feel about my upcoming national tour as a civilian musician, my current life as it stands, and where I want to be in the near future.

     And so exactly that. Oddwood is going on our first National Tour! OH SHIT! We've picked up camp and readied ourselves for an epic journey battling monsters, winning babes (those of us who haven't already won some), and experiencing new locations all across the Midwest and West Northwest. We've really gotten our stuff together this year.

So far, we've managed:
  1. Recording a full-length second album.
  2. Being WAY better than the year latter's version of us performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.
  3. Busking all across San Diego's beaches on a grey July 4th, and becoming a saving force at the beach that day.
  4. Organizing a 13 State Tour.
We are playing the following:

FRI 07/30         Los Angeles, CA
SUN 08/01       Phoenix, AZ
MON 08/02     Albuquerque, NM
TUE 08/03       Oklahoma City, OK
WED 08/04      Wichita, KS
THU 08/05       St. Louis, MO
SAT 08/07        Kenosha, WI
SUN 08/08       Kenosha, WI

WED 08/11      Ann Arbor, MI
FRI 08/13         Chicago, IL
SAT 08/14        Kenosha, WI
SUN 08/15       Kenosha, WI

MON 08/16      Omaha, NE
TUE 08/17        Denver,
WED 08/18      Salt Lake City, UT
THU 08/19       Las Vegas, NV
SAT 08/21        San Diego, CA
I really hope anyone out there can make the tour! Tell all your friends- it's a pirate band. As one booking manager said to us, "Who wouldn't want a pirate band?"

Check us out!  >> <<

Rocktopus organization into reality:
     Rocktopus was an onslaught of musical chaos which was recorded completely digitally, and eventually sealed onto plastic compact discs to go out for distribution. The process that has been happening all the way through mid-July has been for us making changes to ideas and designs and input on the content and style of the Rocktopus album - booklet and casing and disc and all. We tend to argue a lot on many minor changes that ultimately near the project to perfection. Grammar changes, contrast issues, word choice and subject content, colors, and design layout were all accounted for by each one of us. Not only are we talented musicians, but digital artists and belligerent bickerers.
     Beyond the recording phase, back in March of 2010, the album had to be mixed. All of the mixing was conducted in June with Brian Rumsey, a band/high school friend and recently graduated student of music production. Once we listened to and adjusted the drum levels appropriately, the album seemed to kind of take on its own breath. We applied the drum equalization on every track, made a few other instrument level adjustments, and sorted out some unintentional vocal competition.
     From that point, it became a job for a mastering engineer. What does mastering do? Why is it recommended to master our album? Well, the answer is that mastering brings out the volume to its full potential by slightly compressing all of the tracks, and puts it on a volume level equivalent to that of major studios--now we've leveled the playing field between Diddy and Oddwood.
     We shipped it off to the disc makers, who took our digital layout and made the album! We received 1,000 copies at our doorstep on Friday, July 23rd. I can't believe we've already produced a second album! We celebrated by heading downtown (walking some 28 blocks with instruments) to Comic-Con International, being held at the San Diego Convention Center. This year, we played on the property for 20min and were kindly waved away by public transit security. So, we headed across the street and busked near the trolley station. And we were rewarded handsomely, let me tell you.

My Current Life:

I have a spectacular job working with TakeLessons, which rocks supremely. All of the people their are like-minded individuals, dedicated to getting shit done and also having fun along the way. Our company has seen phenomenal growth this year alone, bringing on more people internally so that we can expand externally (which is happening at a 100% growth rate--amazing in this economy).

No complaints from me about life. I'm alive; have all of my basic life necessities covered; I have a wealth of new information to learn and discover; I have plans to travel back down to Argentina in 2011 (possibly March, but we'll see), and everything in Oddwood is happening (new album, national tour, new website, heavy performance schedule through October). Seriously, I'm finally living life just the way I need it. I've needed the stability and the inertia for such a long time, and, so long as I persevere, will see it through until the next chapter of my life. Now if I can only avoid paying the city more money (street sweeping tickets...c'mon!)...