Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1 on our National Tour and it's already worth another post!!!

     So I woke up at 7:15a.m. this morning and took off to Vons for last minute items I needed: antibacterial ointment, bandages, and some granola bars for the car ride. We headed to Santee, where, at Ian's house, we loaded up our 2 cars full of merchandise, instruments, and 3 weeks (per person) of luggage. The best part was/is-- we are driving in an '07 Dodge Caliber and a 2004 Toyota Corolla, with eight people.

     I'm writing from a bed on the 4th? story of Motel Six in Phoenix, with 3 other Oddwood members and 2 Oddgirls (whose cars we were using). We're discussing the options for Ian, our resident concertinist, regarding replacing his fake tooth, which, only one hour ago, came out in a pool impact. Superglue, perhaps? Emergency dental cement? A do-it-yourself dental repair kit?

     Today, Murphy's Law was definitely in effect on the ride out, although, considering everything we've done today, we seemed to luck out as well. The Dodge Caliber, coincidentally of American design, decided to freak out about an overheating transmission, despite the fact it was recently given a full service inspection. The ride over, for our car anyway, went without a hitch. The weather on the desert ride out was a cooler (yet still bloody hot) 104 Degrees, eventually dropping down 85 Degrees with a little bit of rain. The smell of desert rain is always a great experience. Last time we came to Arizona, it was quite hotter, and with thunderstorms!

     We stopped by a Guitar Center so I could pick up a few new cymbals (which are SUPER excellent sounding), and a whole bunch of drumsticks. Arriving at the motel, Colleen, Nick and I headed to a Safeway for the eve's dinner pick-up. I took the helm on our first dinner of pasta w/ green peppers, mushrooms and garlic, cooked on some camping burners and such. The sauce bubbling created a mini murder scene all over the mirror and bathroom sink. Success!

Our first show stop:

     We played The Trunk Space earlier tonight, with The Cullens and Wizard Teeth. The Cullens were excellent! Great B-52's style punk, with an ambiguously-gendered lead singer, a hot bassist chick, a fat drummer, and a bathrobe-sporting guitarist, and a guy in nothing more than a  speedo, horn glasses and a headband, playing synths and a cowbell. Weird and hilarious.
     Oddwood went up immediately afterward, and we played a great set. I got to test out my new cymbals! And then, immediately following us, a band named Wizard Teeth played. Basically, their band is very similar to ours. The instrumentation includes upright bass, violin, mandolin, 3 guitars, and accordion--but no drums. They had a decent turnout of crazy punk kids, which I'll explain in a second, but their music was very similar to power metal with Oddwood-esque instrumentation and musical style. Every Wizard Teeth song has catchy, repeatable lyrics, and frequent breaks in volume and random, mostly unpredictable song endings. But what really made their show was the environment. The lights in the venue were all turned off, and there was no mic'ing of the band, which made them the quitest show of the night. But their followers yelled the lyrics to every song, which really brought up the energy. And they also moshed and mad waltzed around, crashing into the walls. Francis and I were standing on chairs along the framed painting-decorated wall, which gave a great view of the crazy Wizard Teeth fans. And one of the madly waltzing couples smashed into Francis, which caused his hand to punch through a glass frame on the wall. The show continued with two people grabbing chairs and literally SLAMMING them at each other, swinging with full force and miraculously (but also regrettably) not gauging out faces. Quite the show.

Then we returned here to commit myself to the pool for a refreshing swim, with and without pool furniture in the actual pool. Part of these antics resulted in Ian's current, one-tooth-less situation. Oh! And Nick, Reece, Francis and I are committed to doing 50 push-ups everytime our car stops (for gas, for a motel, or for pretty much any other reason). We'll see how buff we end up 20 days from now. Tomorrow we're off to Albuquerque; I wanted to post this because so much fun stuff happened today.

Until next time, this is Drew Peters.

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