Friday, September 17, 2010

Argentina cravings, beard shavings, and Oddwood/friendship savings

     Where to begin. First, I'll start with my recent hankerings for the Argentine culture. It's now been almost one year (come October 26th) since my adventure down south, and at this point last year was when I was doing all of my extensive research into the initial trip. As I said 'goodbye' to SeaWorld camera operations, I said 'hello' to leaving the U.S.

     With my trip came a life-changing mentality and paradigm shift in my way of thinking and appreciation of other peoples out there. Seriously, the Argentines that I met were such wantonly friendly and open people who shared with me such great stories and impromptu lessons in castellano. The nightlife and the live music and the passion that they immerse into artistic endeavors (tango, film, performance) is unrivaled in anything I've encountered in my experiences.

     I have been intrigued to return to the land of silver sometime next March - no news as to length of travel or if I can afford the apparently higher price tag of plane travel and recent imposing of a $130 U.S. entry visa, good for ten years and purchased upon entry into the country. And if that plan is carried out, I would like to head into Patagonia to explore the scenery and awe-inspiring wildlife. And now I have a hi-def camcorder to capture all my exploits, including the spotting of right whales, orcas beaching for seals, penguins, and elephant seals. Oh! And Nequen, a town more in the central part of Patagonia, has an excellent dinosaur museum. Argentina can boast about finding the largest dinosaur ever discovered–truly a testament to how much this place relates to my own interests¡!¡!

And now that I've got that out of the way...

     I recently shaved my beard. Last night (Sept. 16th) marked the two year anniversary of The Dread Crew of Oddwood as a band!!! I decided that, since I've been growing my beard since the band formed in 2008, and I've been growing tired of my moustache, I should rid it all and start over. It took some serious contemplation on my end as to whether I should actually part with the waterfall of hair on my chin, and after kissing it farewell, out came the razor and to the floor it fell.
     I've forgotten what my face looks like completely naked. Pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

And in light of that tragic event,

     The Dread Crew of Oddwood, starting shortly into October, will be going on a few months of hiatus (but definitely not indefinite). We have just completed a 3-week long, 5800 mile, 17 state, 25 show, 8 person, 2 small vehicle national tour and journey across the heartland of America! Personal tensions flared at times, boredom seldom but occasionally ensued, adventures were plenty, dinners cooked in our hotel rooms on portable burners were absolutely amazing, and the Midwest had some nice views, as well as a whole lot of nothing to look at.

     So, pursuant to our inevitable exhaustion and a much-needed break from the weekends of heavy performance schedules, a national tour, recording an entirely new album, and a round of novelty performances at the L.A. County Fair, we will be braking the bands inertia for some air. There have been several relationship strains because of this, not to mention the countless bickerings and arguments, and now our guitarist/flutist is moving on due to personal conflicts. So we'll be down to six remaining members following the break. Shit happens, so flow with it. catch my drift.

     My sentiments on this whole Oddwood intermission...thank doG! I finally get time to relax on the weekends! And I will get to spend time outdoors! Basically, I've been couped up in a cubicle/office environment, working 40 hour weeks and spending weekends performing with Oddwood. I love my real job, and my band job, no doubt, but I also love personal relaxation and some alone time every now and then.

   I recently invaded Seaworld, and just days before our [meaning, all of San Diego's] beautiful orca, Sumar, decided to up and die, still to the trainers' bewilderment. He always had a giant plastic waffle toy that he would play with and swim around with, wearing it on his head.
      I still have some fun activities for the fall and winter planned, of which all will be pretty excellent.

Until then, this is Drew Peters.