Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first day of 2011

It's been quite awhile since my last post, and of course, knowing me, a lot can and definitely did happen between now and then. So where to start....

News of my band:
September was the last Oddwood show of our rigorous performing season, a wedding of two of our huge fans, Lisa and Abel. With that wedding came our guitarist Nick's last show before moving on to other things. I'm sure the tension between him and I helped in his justification for quitting, that in itself being a bit of a disappointment for me. But life goes on. Tensions were high ever since our national tour. And immediately following that, Oddwood played five hellish weekends at the L.A. County Fair, which showcased us more as a laughing stock than a musical act. I mean, people dressing as pirates and headbanging to awesome seafaring tunes is one thing - but playing 5 "shows" a day to anyone who is basically just passing by left us entertaining ourselves more than anything, to spare our sanity.

We were basically on a few months hiatus up until December time, now undertaking new material for a future album. Unlike our first two albums, however, I feel that we'll already have most/all of the songs written and performed live numerous times to weed out the more mediocre ones, prior to committing them to a plastic recording. And with this hiatus, we've teamed up with a group of very talented post-Chapman students to commence our biggest challenge/creation yet--our first music video! It will be shot in January, so definitely keep an eye out for updates regarding IT. I can already tell you there will be blood and violence galore, a great storyline, and hilarity throughout.

 Update on my life:
     I recently moved out of my apartment in favor of living on my own, which I've now been doing since November. So very pleasant it is to handle everything on my own schedule and done my way. It's a cozy  abode, and nothing like a college student's place, save for the occasional Jurassic Park poster and such. The place is very vintage 1950's, being the time when it was built. Hardwood floors, black- and white-tiled kitchen and bathroom, and plenty of storage space for all of my odds and ends. More odds than ends.
     Work has been keeping me quite busy and on the phone all day, since the holidays are a great time to give the gift of music lessons to a loved one, whether it be yourself or someone else. Everyone I work with is awesome, and TakeLessons threw a holiday party in a 7th floor suite overlooking Petco Park. I definitely had an ugly and creepy holiday outfit donned, but unlike the Billy Mays mockup I did on Halloween, this costume was outshined by even uglier sweaters!

I went to beautiful, secluded Solvang over a recent weekend, spending time exploring the nifty boutiques and craft shops. It's a bit Northeast of Santa Barbara, tucked away in lush mountains and farmland. Pretty awesome.

Current sentiments for the very tentative future:
Travel plans. I have them in the works right now, since I have to make sure I have the finances all squared away. Because one of my numerous goals in life is to travel abroad at least once every birthyear (not calendar year, per se), I've set my current sights on heading down to another South American country. That country is Ecuador. I'll probably only go for two weeks, and it is only the size of Southern California. Within its borders are several active and looming volcanoes, Amazonian rain and cloud forests, an amazingly indigenous culture, and great food experiences. Sure, I cannot drink the tap water, but I think heavy excursions into virgin jungles and perusing one of that continent's largest open-air markets certainly make up for it.

As far as other travels, the only other (and at this point still very tentative) trip I will partake in may be Oddwood's second, and this time FULLY national tour, including stops along the East Coast and the South. 

Anyway, I'm done braining for now. 
Until then, this is Drew Peters.

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  1. Drew,

    Just saw your picture from Cuba on CNN and was intrigued. I'm a recent grad of UM and my mother is a Cuban immigrant. FoI'd love to pick your brain about your trip and maybe get some tips from you on traveling there. My email is if you're interested in exchanging emails about your trip. Thanks, and great pictures!