Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back to the real me.

I'm back as my true self again. My mind is back on the multiple shifting tracks which pull my focus and energy and time every which way, and I'm ready for anything. Soon enough I will be enjoying a month-long tour with Oddwood, in all its glory. July will be a hell of a fun time. For now, couch-surfing has me spending moments with those I don't often spend it with, which is exciting.

There is something indescribably liberating in not having any permanent establishment. The burden of living "normally" is eased up. Books become much easier to read, and I have gotten through several recently. It also helps not having a computer with which to distract myself, but that will soon change (for the better, hopefully). My creative juices are flowing strong, which has inspired new undertakings. Sailing and the ocean are calling for me lately, with the infantile, raw idea of a huge journey by small boat prominently in my thoughts.

Two major travels for me this year:
1. Coast-to-coast national tour through the U.S. - 20 states and over 10,000 miles
2. Flight to Bolivia - two months through jungles and potentially heavy rains - other countries possible in the itinerary

Back to school in the Fall, planning my double-major. Sorry if this posting is in Hemingway-esque prose, but I've been inspired to be concise.

All for now, more for later. Until then, this is Drew Peters.

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