Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Boston and loving it!

I arrived into Boston after the surprisingly short drive across the bulk of Massachusetts. Encountered some heavy rains on the way in, but luckily they cleared up upon our arrival. I love this city. Boston is an old East Coast city, with volumes of history within its grounds. Brick buildings, large cathedrals, and a small walking commute to pretty much everywhere this side of the Charles River makes it a very agreeable city to me.

Boston. (Photo by Jorge Miguel)

This place is a tad reminiscent of my time in Buenos Aires, with constant honking and endless traffic, and a slew of pedestrians. Also, the number of beautiful women constantly strolling by along the sidewalks and walkways is not a bad bonus. We took a jaunt all around the city with our former bass player, who schools and lives in Boston.

Bristol Faire, back in Kenosha, was quite humid, and hot, and muggy, but luckily the mosquitoes seemed to pass over me and go for everyone else in the band instead. From there we went on to Amhurst, Ohio (outside Cleveland) to stay the night, and then yesterday we set foot in Ithaca, NY.

I felt the drive along upstate NY was pretty boring to me, just a bunch of deciduous trees and literally not much else. We only saw a couple small towns along the way, and even less people. Ithaca was cool, with the Erie Canal just upstream from one of its runoff branches where we played a show. It's tucked away amongst wooded hills and farms. We took a stroll around parts of the town, saw an incredibly mixed crowd - college girls next to hicks in dirty overalls and pick-up trucks, with a couple meth-heads on stoops. Despite the terribly un-reactive audience, we played a tight show with spectacular sound.

On the way out of Ithaca, we passed a deer on the side of the road that was far too close for comfort. It stood alongside the left lane, but in profile to our van. I took initiative on researching how to properly strike a deer. There's hardly any time to avoid the hit, but it's best to not try and swerve around it. We stayed in Binghamton, about an hour outside of Ithaca, at the cheapest Motel 6 we could find on our route.

Tomorrow we have an 19-hr. drive back to Kenosha via Pittsburgh, PA. So 11 hrs. tomorrow, and a 9 hr. drive the next day, only to arrive at our somewhat decrepit mobile office building that doubles as our weekend lodge.

All for now, more for later. Until then, this is Drew Peters.

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