Friday, September 23, 2011

End of tour, concluding summer, and speeding through it all

Conclusion of Tour:
It's been a while since I last posted, about a week out from finishing tour. Well, it was finished, of course, and with flying colors. Aside from the van breaking down in Salinas, Kansas, nothing else re-arranged our intense tour schedule. And even that breakdown was in favor of Oddwood, since we spent the night in Lindsborg, a quaint little Swedish town in the frickin' middle of America. Almost exactly the middle, in fact!

The rest of tour went as follows. We had a killer show in Wichita, where I met a female paleontologist and revelled in great conversation about all things Earth-related. The bar owner was interested in building me a cannon to use for shows, but I have yet to follow up on that. We drove through Colorado and had a great time partying with the mayor of Green Mountain Falls. We had a blast rocking out in Tuscon, which is really like the landlocked, counter-culture "Ocean Beach" of Arizona. Our final show in San Diego was a great conclusion to a month of testosterone-filled camraderie. At least half of us were not ready to return to stationary life. And we lost one band member due to moping to death. It was partially contagious on tour, but thankfully rum triumphed as a vaccine against mopery.

(Oh yeah! And I've updated a couple of my blogs from this tour (anything posted July 2011) with photos. Do peruse after you finish this post.)

Mexican Food Hankerings:
Never in my life had I craved Mexican food as much as when we got back from tour. I gorged myself on a California burrito con cabeza (beef cheek, not brains) and un taco de buche (juicy pork stomach). I washed that down with un licuado de fresa, banana, y papaya (basically a fresh fruit milkshake).  Oh, the glory! San Diego is all about good Mexican food, being right next to the border and all. And what I love is it's relative simplicity. The meals are filling enough to last me a good 5 hours with solid energy. It's flavorful due to marination, spices, and liberal use of lard (I think), and it's usually made with fresh ingredients that cover most of the food groups. The salsas are nice and spicy and full of flavor, and they stick to your throat for an hour afterward. So many kinds, it's like eating Starburst, in that each type is a different savory flavor. But that's where their similarity ends and my written admiration for comida Mexicana ceases.

Travels in Gastronomics:
Photo by: Jorge Miguel
I must say the food on tour was occasionally noteworthy. One month of burgers was at times great, and at times terrible. But I suppose I shouldn't have toured America in hopes of eating healthily, what with the rigorous driving schedule and  friends whose eating habits I differ greatly from. Despite my quality-centered complaints on some of our restaurant/fast food choices, Lindsborg, Kansas gave me one of my juciest, bestest beef burgers to date, with cheddar cheese, ham AND bacon, and fried onion "petals" collectively smothered in barbecue sauce. Good doG man. The Brick House Grill has it right.

Another great burger was had in Tuscon, at the Surly Wench Pub. It was the "Red Rooster", a burger drenched in chili and hot sauce with cheddar and grilled onion. I missed spicy food, and this was the first kick in the ass back to Southwest spicy eating. Other incredible meals included:
  • everything we ordered at Miller's Restaurant in Portland
  • breakfast catering by Apulent, a first-class Seattle catering/venue company
  • my aunt Sally's home-made French toast w/ mixed berries in Bellevue
  • Creole food at Joey K.'s in New Orleans 
  • the most amazing blueberry waffles EVER at all Waffle House locations (if only they had these in CA)
  • "Greek Burgers" at a restaurant (whose name escapes me) in Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Francis' grilled cheese curd sandwiches--cheese curds are quite tasty
  • Fat Tire 1554 on draught - it's a dark, delectable meal indeed

August through now:
August was my "tour recovery period", which wasn't so much a recovery as a "wait, we're not driving 10 hours tomorrow to the next place? Why don't we have more tour shows lined up?" kind of feeling. August was spent getting back into the swing of summer in beautiful San Diego. July whirled by incredibly fast, but none of those cities were my home town. I missed this place. The cool ocean breezes, the sunsets, the local familiarity, and everything that I am working towards in my career.

A few months ago I decided to get back into the school world to learn evermore. But the classes themselves remind me of how many people are apathetic and generally unmotivated. It doesn't require much to enter into college, and it's easy to succeed at if you care about what you're learning and pay attention to the lessons! It is partially about obedience as well, since you have to do exactly as the teachers say to keep your scores high. This view is different from any I've ever felt towards school. Or maybe it hasn't dawned on me until now. Nonetheless, I am incredibly happy sponging up so much good stuff to work with.

My DJ business is picking up, and keeping me busy with the development aspect, which is spectacular. Wait, you didn't know I DJ? Please tell your friends and family. I donate a significant amount of my earnings to various music and education programs throughout San Diego, since our music education system is so disastrous and appallingly under-funded.

Oddwood is still playing shows and preparing to undertake album #3 for release next Spring. We just rocked a fun private party chock full of live parrots, a keg of Blue Moon, and an entire roast pig. I enjoyed all three of those things, the lattermost treating me to not only the oinklicious body meat, but skin chips and delicate cheek and neck sections too. And amazing coleslaw to boot! Boy, there's a lot of food in this post...

Bolivia's still in sight, set for February and March of next year.

In conclusion, I leave you with this (Our first music video):

Photo by Duc Duong

All for now, more for later. Until then, this is Drew Peters.