Saturday, January 7, 2012

Plans for the first half of 2012

Guten tag! And a fine New Year it's been thus far.
It's been awhile since my last posting. But all is well and much has happened since the last significant update.

Living situation: I am still living with a great friend and her linguistically brilliant father. They've been very supportive in getting me back to where I need to be. And there are plenty of household antics between the three of us. One such highlight is having fake "domestic disputes", where we engage in loud, overly aggressive yelling with adopted pseudonyms, that I'm sure puts the whole neighborhood on edge. It's a lark!

Life in general: Life has been spectacular, with stress at an all-time low point not seen since late 2009. My DJ gigs are flowing in, I'm finished with school until Fall, and the future is bright.

The Dread Crew of Oddwood, circa Fall 2011 A.D.
Update on The Dread Crew of Oddwood: The band is doing quite well, as we've been busy writing, learning, and rehearsing a whole slew of new songs for our theoretically soon-to-be third album, Heavy Mahogany. I say "theoretically" because we are currently running a fundraiser on Kickstarter for it. And it's an ALL-OR-NOTHING campaign, so if we do not reach 100% of our goal, NO money changes hands. As of this writing, we are gracing 40%, with still over a month left! If you want to support our band, or my musical endeavors, while simultaneously receiving rewards in exchange, then please consider donating to it. You won't be charged anything unless two things happen together: 1. We reach our $5,000 goal and 2. The campaign ends (Feb. 10th). And if not, no worries! You can also do a favor and "Like" it or share it on The Facebook.

Here's the link to it. Check out the page and be sure and watch the funny video we made for it.

The album name, Heavy Mahogany, is not just a name—it's a representation of our hard acoustic musical style, and really its own genre. It's acoustic folk music played by heavy metal musicians (in this case with a Celtic/pirate twist), or something along those lines.

We have a really sweet show coming up in San Diego that I am looking forward to, with the "dark cabaret" band Stolen Babies, hailing from L.A. They are an internationally-known group with a lot of musical talent, and a female accordion-playing singer. Brothers Gil and Rani Sharone recorded on Maynard James Keenan's (think: singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle) side project, Puscifer. The show is Saturday, February 4th at Brick by Brick in San Diego.

If everything goes as planned, we'll have Heavy Mahogany ready by early April, along with all sorts of new merch.

My next travel plans: Can it be? I've finally picked a date AND a country to stick with? The answer is mostly 'Yes'. In past blogs I've considered Bolivia, the poor-yet-beautiful heart of South America, and Ecuador, a compact blend of nature, cool markets, fresh seafood and the Panama hat that we all know and love. Well, my itinerary calls for five weeks overseas, and unfortunately Bolivia this time of year is under great summer deluges that last for days. All the dirt roads wash out and transportation becomes grueling. And while it probably makes for a fun journey, will not be the best use of my availability and budget. I've set it aside, but am still very eager to get there, even if I must wait a year or two. Ecuador - well, I did not really look into it in this phase of travel research.
Granada, Nicaragua.
I've set my sights on..................Nicaragua. The home of the infamous Iran-Contra Scandal, formerly violent military dictatorships and revolutions, and dirt-poor coffee farmers who make less than $2 a day. That's like - 1/2 the cost of a sugary, syrup-laden Starbucks drink. It's also home to some active volcanoes, pristine jungle, and indigenous Caribbean folks.

It will be a spectacular five weeks through the month of March (and some of either February or April). I've needed an "adventure break", to step out of my world and see it from a distant perspective.

All for now, more for later. Until then, this is Drew Peters.