Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nicaragua is approaching...

Where did Nicaragua come from? The realization that I will be leaving this country didn't strike me until last week, but I have not reacted much to it until today. I've gathered most of the supplies I need, started my malaria pills, and now have a race to finish some errands and San Diego-based tasks before departure.

As far as recording The Dread Crew of Oddwood's new album, Heavy Mahogany, we're pretty much finished tracking, and now begin the ever-important mixing phase, where a trusted, third-party friend will bring out the energy from our music and bury bad tracks, of which there are very few on this album. And I will be in the country for none of it. I will have an outside hand in the say of the final mixes, mostly through long, arduous e-mailing between bandmates. I may sneak in a few international phone calls. Oh! and the Kicstarter for the album went very successfully—we raised over $7,000, or 150%. If you helped out and just happen to find my blog, thank you!

I will post again before I leave, including a picture of my packed supplies. I hope you share this journey with others and follow my blogs all the way through Central America these next five weeks. I will be gone from February 28th–April 5th; that's 37 days spent in whatever manner best suits the environment, and a hot, humid one at that.

All for now, more for later. Until then, this is Drew Peters.

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