Monday, February 6, 2012

The weekend

This weekend was phenomenal, and somewhat noteworthy. The schedule was hectic: Friday afternoon we drove to Yuma, AZ, spent the night in a couple mobile trailers straight out of the 70's. We woke up Saturday morning to play a series of acoustic pirate shows for Two Rivers Renaissance Festival, left immediately after our last one bound for San Diego, ate at Los Reyes Mexican Food again, drove to our show venue (Brick by Brick), played an incredible show to a mostly music-loving audience of 200-ish people opening for Stolen Babies, watching their tight set, joining the stage to play one of their most popular tunes and socialized. At 2:30am Sunday morning, we packed all our gear into the van, set our course for Yuma, and played another groggy day of mostly good shows, wrapping up with a peaceful ride back to San Diego.

My gastronomic endeavors came up a bit short on the healthy side: three mouth-watering burritos, 5 rolled tacos with guacamole, an entire bag of kettle corn, two "curry-wurst", sauerkraut, some soda (which is now way to sweet for me), a few kinds of ales, whiskey, lots of water, and some delicious home-made pastries.

Travel to Nicaragua:
As many of you already know, I am leaving our beautifully chaotic country for a little solo exploration of foreign culture. Central America is the place of my next learning spree.

I leave February 28th bound for Managua, Nicaragua's formerly violent, earthquake-rocked capital. I have a 12-hour flight schedule, throwing me into the city at roughly 7 in the evening. I'll need to set-up accommodation arrangements first thing, then eating arrangements, finally bar arrangements. My itinerary once in Nicaragua is yet to be established, but I have some idea of what I want to do.

I'd like to head East straight into the dense rainforest jungles, which blossom with impressive plants, trees, tropical birds, horrifyingly large arachnids, and some snakes. There is a rare chance of actually spotting a jaguar, even rarer if he's a black panther. If I do spot one before it spots me, I'll most likely soil myself.

Following my intimate brush with nature, I'll continue doing just that along the swift, mud-colored rivers of the Rio San Juan, perhaps taking a boating excursion up the Caribbean coast to Bluefields, a very mixed port of Creole, Miskito, and English-speaking people, formerly a buccaneer haven.

That's all I know for now, but somewhere in there I'll include trekking several active volcanoes, cloud forests replete with nature's hidden gems, some coffee/banana/cacao plantations and highlands cities.
Better start my malaria medication!

All for now, more for later. Until then, this is Drew Peters.

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